Velvety Vegan Chocolate Truffles

As you know from my last post, chocolate truffles were my favorite Belgian treat, and I promised you a recipe. So, I recreated the rich, dark truffles I had abroad, but with no heavy cream and no added sugar! “But, Juliet! How could such a decadent treat be healthy and vegan?” I’ll let you in on my secret…… Continue reading Velvety Vegan Chocolate Truffles


The Splendid Sweets of Amsterdam and Belgium

So, let’s talk about Europe. It’s the best! Biking through the countryside, drinking a cappuccino in a sidewalk café, wandering from boutique to boutique, the flowery languages, the smiling people… Europe’s the best. This past week, my family ventured across the Atlantic Ocean to Amsterdam and Brugge – two different, yet equally lovely cities! Amsterdam is…… Continue reading The Splendid Sweets of Amsterdam and Belgium