Rich Red Velvet Cake

Hey guys! So, this past weekend I had the opportunity to make a custom sweet 16 cake for two of my friends, Ally and Sophia. They were having a joint sweet 16 party, and I wanted to make them something really special. After going over their theme colors, we decided on a beachy gold and pink…… Continue reading Rich Red Velvet Cake


Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread

So many people are daunted when they think of ever baking bread from scratch. But, I’m here today to tell you that you can do it! Really! This Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread recipe is easy-to-follow, and, if you follow the instructions, will give you a delicious loaf. I love bread. Really. I could eat bread…… Continue reading Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Bread


Peanut Butter Chocolate Easter Eggs

Hello everyone, and happy spring! With warm weather just around the corner, I was inspired this past week to make one of my favorite sweets of the spring season: Peanut Butter Chocolate Easter Eggs! Normally, these are made by Reese’s, and are full of nasty preservatives and processed junk. But, by recreating the recipe using…… Continue reading Peanut Butter Chocolate Easter Eggs


Chocolate French Macarons

To even some of the most accomplished pastry chefs in the world, macarons are daunting. They’re infamous for their unpredictability in baking, and their impossible reputation scares away most bakers. To be honest, I was afraid when I first made these macarons. I assumed they would turn out horribly. But, when I baked these macarons…… Continue reading Chocolate French Macarons


Best Ever Banana Bread

After a crazy busy couple of weeks, my life has slowed down just enough to post a recipe here for you all! And, this is not just a recipe. This is the Best Ever Banana Bread – the bread that my family can eat an entire loaf of in two days, is constantly complimented, and…… Continue reading Best Ever Banana Bread


Lemon Poppyseed Bread

I know that for some people, January can be a pretty depressing time of year. It’s chilly, there’s snow on the ground, and for students, there are usually midterms. Even though I love winter, and snow, and honestly don’t mind midterms, I decided to whip up a springy, refreshing treat to brighten my day! As…… Continue reading Lemon Poppyseed Bread


Valentine Heart Tart Pops

It’s almost February! February is the best month. Why? My sister’s birthday, my birthday, and Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect occasion to remind friends and family why you love them, and it’s every baker’s dream – the holiday requires the sharing of sweet treats. And, my favorite part: the sweets are most often heart…… Continue reading Valentine Heart Tart Pops


The Easiest Rocky Road Cookies

Cookie time! I know I haven’t posted a ton of cookie recipes here on Juliet’s Sweets, but that, my friends, is about to change. And all with this recipe. After making these amazing rocky road cookies, I’m inspired to make more! These cookies are unlike any other type of cookie I’ve made before, or seen…… Continue reading The Easiest Rocky Road Cookies


Guilt-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I could eat an entire batch of these muffins myself. And, because this recipe is so healthy… I wouldn’t feel guilty! Well, maybe not a whole batch, but more than one. 🙂 These muffins are delicious and super good for you. The recipe uses whole wheat pastry flour, no butter, and no sugar. Yes, no…… Continue reading Guilt-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Chocolate Chunk Tea Party Scones

Yesterday we had the first real snow of the season here in Connecticut, and it was absolutely beautiful. Whenever it snows, I love to bake, warm up the kitchen, and fill the house with sweet scents! So, yesterday, I made myself a cup of peppermint tea and decided to whip up some Chocolate Chunk Tea Party…… Continue reading Chocolate Chunk Tea Party Scones