Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies

Hello and happy December! I have a whole host of holiday goodies that I’m so excited to share with you all in these coming weeks. Today I’m going to kick it off with a new favorite Christmas cookie recipe. This recipe takes your basic sugar cookie recipe and Christmas-ifies it with a candy cane swirl…… Continue reading Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies


Sprinklicious Celebration Cake

Growing up, I never had funfetti cake. My family always celebrated birthdays with chocolate cake (see this post for the classic Dale birthday cake), and we rarely ventured out into the broader world of cake. But as I’ve become more a part of the baking community, I’ve seen again and again lovely rainbow-speckled cakes! I…… Continue reading Sprinklicious Celebration Cake


Sprinkle Macarons

Hello everyone! Spring is well on the way, and to celebrate, I knew I had to share something colorful and festive with you. Here it is: Sprinkle Macarons! This Sprinkle Macaron recipe makes light and airy famous French cookie sandwiches, but puts a sweet twist on the traditional version by adding a pop of color on…… Continue reading Sprinkle Macarons